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Playing for another cause by Gavin Hastings

Since I was a 9-year-old lad, rugby has always been my passion. Professionally, playing for Queen and country, leading the team to victory and a stadium creaking with lively Scottish supporters, these were things that were important to me. It wasn’t until years later that I unwittingly found my passion ignited for another cause. Fifteen […]


Sandpiper Wildcat granted Motion by MSP’s for its community contribution

Today we are honoured to receive a letter from MSP’s noting their support for the Sandpiper Wildcat Project. Peter Chapman, MSP for North East Region, raised the Motion which gained cross-party backing. Thanking the Trust for its contribution to the local community, Peter also referred to Sandpiper Wildcat as a great local asset and wished […]


We’ve pushed the button on our cardiac arrest initiative!

Today we announced that our cardiac arrest campaign to save 50 local lives every year in Grampian is now live.   Since 2001, we have been instrumental in saving hundreds of lives throughout Scotland and with the launch of our Sandpiper Wildcat campaign, our service now extends to cardiac arrest emergencies in the north-east specifically. The Sandpiper […]


Our partners

Acting as a catalyst for change, the Trust has brought together many of those working in the field of Immediate Care. In conjunction with BASICS (The British Association of Immediate Care, Scotland) and the Scottish Ambulance Service we have made massive strides in improving out of hospital care throughout the country. It’s this common goal […]


How to donate

Every penny donated helps improve emergency care in rural Scotland. Your support will make sure that more lives are saved in Scotland. By equipping specially trained medical professionals with all the equipment required in an emergency, they will be primed and ready to respond as soon as the emergency call comes in. Every penny goes […]


Our team

Before you meet our team, we’d like to introduce the first and defining face of the Sandpiper Trust.   Sandy Dickson The Sandpiper Trust wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for our cheeky 14-year-old son and nephew, Sandy. His tragic loss 15 years ago was the catalyst for the launch of The Trust and so […]


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