The Sandpiper Trust was founded by our family shortly after the loss of our 14 year old son and nephew.   Sandy’s death taught us that when accidents happen the ambulance services cannot always be close by. We made it our mission to work tirelessly to ensure that other families did not have to go through what we had.

We have done this by ensuring that volunteer, emergency responders, based in communities throughout Scotland, are trained, equipped and ready to act as soon as an emergency takes place.  Our responders are often the first to arrive at the scene. Put simply, they save lives that otherwise may have been lost.

This is our journey

Sandy Dickson

Sandy Dickson

Sandy Dickson died on 12 August 2000.  It was early on a Sunday morning when the phone call came through. Sandy had died in a tragic accident and the emergency services were unable to get to him quick enough.  That was the start of OUR JOURNEY.

It is suffice to say that this journey has not been ours alone .  On that Sunday morning  our lives stood still along with those of our other three children, Emily, Simon and Jessica.  Our large extended families began the journey with us on that day.   Grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends, they too were in pain and missed our 14 year old young, curly headed, charming and cheeky boy.

“Raise funds for a good cause” a friend suggested, trying desperately to help us out of our grief. “Too much agony” was my reply.

A month or so later my sister Claire phoned, she had met a doctor with an idea.  Could we meet in Auchterarder and visit the headquarters of BASICS Scotland?   There we met Dr Colville Laird.  Claire and her husband Robin and Aly and I left that meeting knowing that there was no going back.  That very night we chose the name of the Charity.  The Sandpiper – a light hearted, cheeky bird who plays by streams and on the seashore.

The next person to join our journey was Gavin Hastings who kindly agreed to be our patron  and not long after that Dr Ewen Mcleod from Deeside also agreed to be one of our medical advisers alongside Colville.

A few months after that first meeting the Sandpiper Bag was designed and we were on the road to our first delivery.  We had been advised by  Colville and Ewen that our target number of bags would be around 800.  The cost of each bag being £1000, we had some work to do.

You will see from other areas of the website that we have gone on to supply other medical equipment , always supporting BASICS Scotland.

Our journey continues

The journey has enabled us to come into contact with many amazing people who give of their time with skill, humour and enthusiasm.  From the nurse only island of Foula to the A & E Consultants and the remote and rural GPs , nurses and paramedics.

Our journey continues thanks to the generosity of every single person who supports and raises funds for the Trust.  From the parties, to the challenges, bad hair days, fashion shows, marathons, garden openings, abseils, rallies, charitable foundations and BASICS Scotland, we are indebted to all.

From our tragic loss, has come life-saving work and I know that Sandy would be proud of what the family has achieved in his name. Together, we have saved countless other families from experiencing such devastation and with continued support, we are committed to ensuring that even more lives are saved in our communities.

Thank you.