Before you meet our team, we’d like to introduce the first and defining face of the Sandpiper Trust.


sandy-220x300Sandy Dickson

The Sandpiper Trust wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for our cheeky 14-year-old son and nephew, Sandy. His tragic loss 15 years ago was the catalyst for the launch of The Trust and so it’s befitting that he appears on this page. Sandy’s death taught us that when accidents happen the ambulance services cannot always be close by and so we made it our mission to work tirelessly to ensure that other families did not have to go through what we had. From our tragic loss, has come life-saving work and we know that Sandy would be proud of what the family has achieved in his name.




Our Patron

Gavin has been patron of the Sandpiper Trust since its inception in 2001. Since then he has hosted many Sandpiper events and generously continues to devote his time and energy to the Trust. His support has undoubtedly raised the profile of our small charity and his friendship has become invaluable to the whole family.

“The importance of Sandpiper lies in providing the emergency equipment that saves lives throughout Scotland, lives which could include any single one of us or indeed any one of our families. The greatest satisfaction to me is when I hear reports back from doctors of the lives that have been saved as a direct result of the Sandpiper equipment that they have been given”.


Sandpiper Trustees

As our charity has grown so too has the number of Trustees who give of their time, experience and advice on an ongoing basis. Our kitchen table Trustee meetings are always busy and motivational, with all voices being heard and ideas being shared. Our family are still at the heart of the team but by extending our committee we now also have access to additional skills, opinions and support, all invaluable when it comes to steering decisions and ultimately guiding our direction.


Penny Dickson

Penny is the mother of Sandy and his siblings Emily, Simon and Jessica. Wife of Aly and grandmother. Prides herself in her waste management and recreational skills.

Looks after merchandise, website, just giving, virgin giving and other random responsibilities for the Sandpiper Trust.



Aly Dickson

Aly Dickson

Aly and Penny, have run a design and build company for over 30 years.

Aly compiles and designs the newsletters and deals with all the administration for the trust on a daily basis. He is at his desk from 6am and causes trouble any time after 8am so beware! He has green fingers and loves gardening. Golf, the sea and fly fishing are also his passion.




Claire Maitland

Thursday 4th July 2016, Balmoral,Aberdeenshire Scotland. Sandpiper Trust donate a defibrillator to her Majesty the Queen at Balmoral (Photo: Ross Johnston/Newsline Media)Ex vet nurse, lives up a farm track at Crathes, Aberdeen with 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 parrots,1 pig, 3 goats, 2 ducks, hens, canaries, and 2 barn owls. Shares kitchen table equally between family and The Sandpiper Trust. Author of The Swallow, the Owl and the Sandpiper. “Jack of all Sandpiper trades, master of none” , aka charity co-ordinator. Patient/Public representative for NHS Grampian, Childline counsellor, Trustee of Friends of Roxburghe House, Aberdeen. Believes “It is the little things, the smallest actions or gestures, that have the ability to create the biggest impact.”


Robin Maitland
Thursday 4th July 2016, Balmoral,Aberdeenshire Scotland. Sandpiper Trust donate a defibrillator to her Majesty the Queen at Balmoral (Photo: Ross Johnston/Newsline Media)58-year old Robin Maitland is husband of Claire and father of their children, Harry, Cara, Anna and Jack. He is a partner of Strutt & Parker and was head of their land management and consultancy business in Scotland until 2014, when back surgery tragically left him severely paralysed. Robin remains in hospital but plans are underway for him to return to the family home soon. Thankfully, Robin is still very much Robin and aside from his quick as ever sense of humour, he continues to be the general diplomat and calming influence within the Sandpiper Trust.  He prides himself on his ever growing collection of Q magazines, is a staunch Bruce Springsteen fan and can’t wait to get back to cheering on his rugby team at Murrayfield.


Dr David Carroll

GP and palliative care specialist. Highly respected, compassionate, straight talking cynic. Loves nothing better than spending time in the wilds of the west coast with a fishing rod.  Provides a vital link between the Trust and the medical world. Looks at everything from a doctors perspective and provides clarity in a minefield of medical jargon.





SuSue Jardine Patersone Jardine Paterson

Devoted mother of two, mostly found on her hands and knees weeding. Never sits still. Thrives on fresh air and ski touring. Supports the Trust quietly in the background.





Norman Galbraith

Astute troubleshooting, business entrepreneur, farmer and laterally a ski bum. Brings business acumen to the Trust.


Lorna Donaldson, Keith Jensen & Keri Fickling

Our Wildcat Team

Keri, Lorna and Keith were tasked with launching and managing Sandpiper’s cardiac arrest initiative. They have made massive strides since joining us in May 2016 and are on target to revolutionise out of hospital cardiac care. Keith, who was seconded from SAS, has since returned to his post and Shona Gray has taken over brilliantly, completing the three man team once again.


Keri Fickling – Project Manager

Keri has been in the Ambulance Service for 12 years, 4 in Swindon Wiltshire and 8 in Huntly Aberdeenshire. During this time, she has worked on a number of projects to improve patient care and quality as well as being a HEMS trained paramedic and Practice Placement Educator. She also holds a post graduate diploma in Health Studies. Outside of work Keri lives with her husband Pete and their daughter Matilda, who is 2. She loves getting out and about in the great outdoors and cooking/baking, although it is a somewhat messier affair now Matilda likes to help!

Lorna Donaldson – Trainer

Lorna has been in the Ambulance Service for 20 years and for the majority of that time has been based at Inverurie, however she has also worked on many projects Including the British Heart Foundations’ Heartstart and more recently a trial of Troponin analysis in the pre-hospital environment. Outside work Lorna loves being out with her dog or playing golf and if all of this wasn’t enough, Lorna and her partner Charlie have 3 children, 2 girls and a boy, and she can often be found of an evening outside her house playing Kerby with her Son James.

Shona Gray – Trainer