Fundraising at work is a fun and effective way to make a real difference to people in your community.  Nominate us as your company’s charity partner or arrange a one off fundraiser, whatever level of support you can give we are delighted to accept.

Whether you have a corporate goal to achieve, want to raise morale, need to build relationships within or across different teams or just want to organise a different sports & social event, there’s an activity which will fit the bill.

No matter what size your organisation is, there’s literally hundreds of fundraising ideas perfect for groups of colleagues. Think out of the box though and past just staff. Family, clients and suppliers may be only too happy to take part too. Take a look at some of our favourites for inspiration!

Baby Picture Quiz – get those old photos looked out!

Bring a £1 to work – it soon mounts up.

Cake Sale – give the guys a break time treat.

Casino Party – black jack anyone?

Games of childhood

Childhood Games – Sell tickets to compete to be the fastest Rubik’s Cuber or the best Swingball player!

Bid for a holiday – Ask your boss to donate a day’s holiday , the highest bidder wins!

Dress down / up day – always a winner.

Fast  – not to be done during a cake sale!

Five-a-side tournament – one for colleagues and clients too! Charge an entry fee per team.

Guessing Game – number of sweets, name the teddy, there’s lots of guessing games to choose from.

Job swop – sponsor the boss to be company receptionist for the day, that would be worth paying for!

Office Jukebox – pay for your song to be played!

Race Night – who’s horse will come in first?

Silent Auction – get colleagues to bid against each other for goodies.

Swear Box – every office has someone who could use one of these!

Treasure Hunt – hide goodies around the office. Pay to find!

Twenty Four Hour Lock In – that’s right, get sponsored for a whole day at your desk!

Many employers are often happy to match the funds you raise, so remember to speak to them, it’s an easy way to double your own fundraising total. It’s also a great opportunity for the company to be recognised for its contribution to charity.

Check out our fundraising tips page to make sure that your event runs like clockwork. And remember to keep us updated, we’re here to help.

Good luck!