When you’re fundraising there are a few tips you need to know for maximising exactly how much your efforts will be rewarded!

maximise-donations-piggy-bankAlways ask people to tick the Gift Aid declaration on the sponsor form. Any UK tax payer who donates to you can include Gift Aid, which means the taxman adds 25% to their gift. That’s another £1 for every £4 you raise! It makes a huge difference. Please make sure donors include their full name and home address including postcode when completing the sponsorship form– we need this information to claim the Gift Aid.

Ask your employer to match your fundraising. Lots of companies have a matched funding policy and will equal what you raise, doubling the amount you have already raised yourself. There are tax benefits for companies too which is a convincing reason in addition to supporting their employee and a great cause.


Use your noticeboards and intranet at work to let people know what you are doing and who you are raising funds for.

Read our ‘what we do page and be confident in the knowledge you have about Sandpiper. A personal example can attract a lot of support but facts and figures are very powerful too.

Take your sponsor form with you wherever you go and don’t be afraid to ask. Every penny counts and soon mounts up.

Create an online donations page. You can reach more people and raise more money by setting up an online fundraising page . Plus, sponsorship money donated this way is sent directly to us, so you don’t have the hassle of collecting all the money pledged to you.

It’s really easy and fun to create your own online sponsor page.   Just follow our simple instructions and you can have your very own one up and ready to go in no time.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Go to www.uk.virginmoneygiving.com/giving.

2. Click on ‘set up a fundraising page’

3. Follow the simple instructions to create an account.

4. On the ‘Charity Page’ type in The Sandpiper Trust or Sandpiper Wildcat (if you are raising money specifically for this campaign). Your choice will be displayed. Click on this.

5. After registering (if you are not already registered) you can have fun designing your page. Make sure to upload a picture and include details about why you are fundraising. The more personal the better. No need to add a description of the charity as there is a link to our page from your own.

Remember to link your online donations page to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Make it as easy as possible for people to donate and ensure that you are always on their radar.

And finally….remember to thank people for their support! It may seem obvious but when you’re bang in the middle of planning the opportunity can sometimes be missed.