While we want you to have fun raising money, we also want you to stay safe and legal, which is why we have pulled together some pointers to keep you right.



For simple raffles you must charge a standard price for each ticket (no discounts!) and remember to draw the name of the lucky winner before the evening is over.

If you plan to run your lottery over a longer period of time or sell tickets at more than one venue, you will need to purchase a local lottery license from your council.



staying-safe-and-legal-collectionsIf you are collecting on private property such as a pub or supermarket, you simply need to get written permission from the owner or manager. Always state that you’re a volunteer when collecting – you can request a letter of authority from us and it will do this for you.

To collect funds in any public place you will need a license from your local council. It can take up to two months before you receive your license, so plan ahead!

Please note that we operate a policy of not doing any door to door selling or doorstep canvassing. Remember that anyone collecting money in public must be over 16.


staying-safe-and-legal-eventsIf you are hosting an event at home, or with a small group of friends on private property, take the time to consider  whether your event is legal and safe for all those involved.

For events in public areas or involving more than 50 people, your first port of call is your local council for advice on any necessary permissions, licensing (for instance for alcohol and entertainment), trading standards, and health and safety issues.

Think about first aid and fire safety. You can get advice from St John’s Ambulance or Red Cross as well as your local fire station.

If the event is going to affect traffic then you should let your local police know.

Make sure the event is safe for everyone by carrying out a risk assessment. Read the ‘Five steps to a risk assessment’ on The Health and Safety Executive website to get you on your way.

Handling Money

  • Where possible have two people around when money is being handled and counted.
  • Collect cash using a secure container.
  • Use safe routes, stick to well-lit areas and try to avoid walking on your own.
  • Bank money raised as soon as possible.


It’s great for kids to be involved but make sure that they are well looked after at all times and that they have permission to take part from a parent or guardian.

Food Hygiene

No one wants any upsets, so when preparing , handling and storing food, please be careful and stay safe by sticking to the Food Standard Agencies 5 basic rules. Check out their website for details


We have created a fundraising tool kit for you but if you’re preparing your own materials, you’ll need to ensure that you include our name and registered charity number. If you’d like to include our logo just get in touch.