To help get you off to a great start, we’ve pulled together a simple 10 step guide to creating a successful fundraising event. Follow this and you’ll have all bases covered.

10-step-plan-1Decide what you want to do.

What are you good at? Is there something that you really enjoy doing or a challenge that you’ve always wanted to take on? Use your own experience, perhaps expand upon a hobby or a skill you already have.

10-step-plan-2 Decide who will take part.

Is this a personal challenge or a team effort? A larger or more complex event may benefit from more people sharing responsibilities.

10-step-plan-3Pick a date.

Give some thought to when most people will be available and if there is any other major event on at the same time. Will the school holidays affect your event in a good or bad way? Are more people available in the evening, weekends or during the week? Remember to build in enough time, organising an event takes time, often longer than you think. Send out a ‘keep the date’ well in advance.

10-step-plan-4Find the ideal venue.

Indoor or outdoor? Large or small? What’s the travel time? Will there be adequate parking? Is electricity required? What if the weather is bad? Plan for all eventualities.

10-step-plan-5Set yourself a target

Work out how much you want to raise after you’ve covered any costs. You can reduce costs by asking people and businesses to donate their services. Once your target is set, tell everyone about it and keep them up to date with progress. It’s motivational for you and inspiring for everyone else!

10-step-plan-6Publicise your event.

Think local press (click here for our press release template) and social networking or any other ways that you can spread the word. If you are selling tickets consider setting up a committee to help.

Make it personal by letting people know why you have chosen to support Sandpiper. Personal stories really help to gain fundraising support. Use Facebook and Twitter to post short and sweet messages frequently alongside pictures that capture the ethos of what you are doing. Ask friends to share and retweet and the word will spread even quicker and further.

10-step-plan-7Put posters in local shops and businesses.

Most people are delighted to help local causes. Use the Sandpiper template here to create an eye catching poster.

10-step-plan-8Keep us up to date.

We can help publicise your event too by adding it to our website and Facebook page. Links can be included to your fundraising page or contact details.

10-step-plan-9Make it easy for supporters to donate by offering options on ways of sponsoring.

Use our sponsor forms (link). Where possible collect money as people fill out the form, it saves time later. Also, Set up a web-based fundraising page for online donations. You can add photos and write your own personal message, allowing you to engage with your supporters and to tell your own story.

10-step-plan-10Ask us for some promotional materials.

We can supply you with collection boxes & buckets, balloons, leaflets and t-shirts so that you look the part!