Sandpiper funds save lives, we want to save more. We can only do this through the help of people just like you.

To achieve this we have two main goals – to double our network of emergency responders in Scotland and to raise £850,000 through our Sandpiper Wildcat Campaign.

Growing our network

We need your help to meet our ambitious target to double the number of emergency responders throughout Scotland.

Once recruited, these vital responders will each require to undergo rigorous BASICS training and will be given fully equipped Sandpiper bags, packed with all the equipment required in an emergency.   It’s paramount that each qualified volunteer is also equipped with a tracking device so that when the emergency call comes in, the Scottish Ambulance Service can dispatch the nearest responder rapidly.

Of course, all of this costs money with each full responder kit costing £4000. They are worth every penny and more.


Our Wildcat cardiac arrest campaign

Sandpiper Wildcat aims to save 50 lives every year single year in Grampian. No wonder it’s our biggest campaign drive yet!

Did you know that there’s roughly 440 cardiac arrests in Grampian every year and that of these, only 18 people survive? We’re aiming to beat these statistics by raising £850,000 to create a network of trained Cardiac Responders across the north-east of Scotland.

Based at 50 locations around the region, they’ll be primed to deliver swift, on-the-spot medical care to people who have suffered cardiac arrest.

For every minute without the right emergency treatment, the survival chances of a cardiac arrest patient fall by 10 per cent. That’s why the Sandpiper Wildcat project is so important. By providing treatment in those crucial early minutes, ahead of the arrival of the ambulance service, our community-based Cardiac Responders will make survival more likely. They’ll be ready to make a difference.  A life-saving difference.

But before they can do that, we need your help to meet our fundraising target. When every minute counts, can we count on you?

Get involved

So, now you know why we need you and we hope that you’re feeling motivated to get involved. If you’d like to support us then first things first, take a look at our fundraising ideas page where you’ll find lots of inspiration to get you started on your fundraising journey.