Robin Maitland

Robin Maitland, husband of Claire Maitland, trustee of The Sandpiper Trust and father to Harry, Cara, Anna and Jack has spent the last 6 months in hospital in a critical condition.  Our trustees meeting are not the same and we  hope that he will shortly be back in the re-hab unit in Aberdeen where we will be able to hold our trustees meetings in future.

The Maitland family feature massively in many of the early photos of Sandpiper bag presentations.  They took part in the very first Sandpiper Trust Fundraiser at the  6k run at Balmoral back in 2001.  They are all a huge part of this Sandpiper journey.  Robin’s wife Claire has been at the forefront of the charity and compiled both the “Cookery Book” and “The Swallow , The Owl and The Sandpiper”.  I would therefore think that it is safe to say that Robin has  tasted recipes and listen to prose and poems for a good few years, quietly giving advise when asked, supporting his wife, with her relentless enthusiasm for the charity but also being very much part of it all.

He is  thoughtful, funny and intelligent and we would like him to  be back very soon.

Aly & Penny