BASICS Scotland


Dr Ewen McLeod, GP Ballater and Dr Colville Laird, GP Auchterarder both of BASICS Scotland were appointed as the Sandpiper Trust’s medical advisers.  BASICS Scotland has been responsible for the concept and development of the Sandpiper Bag.  BASICS Scotland is an independent charity responsible for the provision of emergency training programs for doctors, paramedics and nurses in Scotland and is therefore a natural partner for the Sandpiper Trust. In 2004 BASICS set up their permanent offices in Aberuthven naming the building Sandpiper House as affirmation of their close association with The Sandpiper Trust. From there a comprehensive training mechanism has been established on the back of the standardised Sandpiper Bag which is now recognised internationally as being appropriate equipment for an emergency response.


BASICS Scotland

“The creation and provision of pre hospital care training initially to remote and rural doctors and latterly including paramedics and nurses has been passionately directed by Dr Colville Laird since the early 1990s.This has been of huge assistance to myself and many others who are responsible for the initial assessment, treatment and packaging of those unfortunate to suffer an illness or injury in rural Scotland.

Building on this success our mutual relationship with The Sandpiper Trust has created a unique arrangement allowing the prompt supply of established emergency equipment and the introduction of new and innovative equipment; this allows myself and others to respond in a timely and robust fashion to the needs of others”

Dr Ewen McLeod vice chairman of BASICS Scotland