The trust is run by the friends and family of Sandy. We are very proud to have minimal overheads and no paid staff. Our supporters can rest assured that all donations are used solely to further the aims of the Trust namely “saving lives in rural Scotland”.

The Sandpiper Trust aims to save lives in Scotland.  Whilst we will continue to provide emergency equipment to rural doctors, we have identified two important areas where we believe we really can have a significant impact in saving lives in rural Scotland.


Wildcat - re-starting hearts in Grampian


Sandpiper Wildcat

The Sandpiper Trust have just launched a new campaign – Sandpiper Wildcat. We’re going to raise nearly £750,000 to create a network of trained Cardiac Responders across the north-east of Scotland. Based at 50 locations around the region, they’ll be primed to deliver swift, on-the-spot medical care to people who have suffered cardiac arrest. For every minute without the right emergency treatment, the survival chances of a cardiac arrest patient fall by 10 per cent. That’s why the Sandpiper Wildcat project is so important.  By providing treatment in those crucial early minutes, ahead of the arrival of the ambulance service, our community-based Cardiac Responders will make survival more likely. When someone suffers a cardiac arrest, every second counts.  That’s why your support counts.

Support Sandpiper Wildcat and visit our appeal page on to make a donation.
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The Highland pre-hospital care and Trauma project

“ The Highland pre-hospital care and  trauma project”  which we plan to support  with a donation of £50,000 which will enable a team of doctors, nurses and medical practitioners to  be  equipped with Sandpiper bags and defibrillators. This group will work together as a voluntary team , in  co ordination with the Highland Ambulance service  responding to  “trauma and emergencies “ in the  extremely rural areas of the Highlands. We  wish the project all the success it deserves and look forward to following its progress.


Double the number of VLS Responders

Minimising the time taken to get to an accident or sudden illness in Scotland maximises the chance of saving lives. The Sandpiper Trust has to date equipped 62 VLS responders – fully equiped doctors who are directly linked to the Scottish Ambulance Service through VLS (Vehicle Locator Systems) – which means that the Ambulance Service can immediately call these doctors to incidents when as is often the case, they are closer that the nearest ambulance. VLS responders are dramtically improving the effective use of the emergency medical equipment provided by the Sandpiper Trust, and a major focus for the Trust is to double the number of responders operating in Scotland.

To fully equip a VLS responder costs £4,000, and in order to double the current number in Scotland, we are seeking to raise £250,000.