The Sandpiper Trust saves lives across Scotland by improving rapid response medical care in rural areas. We do this in conjunction with the Scottish Ambulance Service, in fact we see ourselves as an extension to their care giving. Ours is a partnership which works.

In an ideal world, ambulances response times would always be lightening fast, but we know that this is not always possible, especially in more rural or remote areas where location, number of ambulances and demand come into play. For instance, it’s not unheard of for one ambulance to be to be called out to two medical emergencies.  In this case, vital minutes may be lost as another team is despatched from the nearest alternative station.

The Sandpiper Trust plugs this gap, getting to the scene faster, administering medical care and essentially saving lives.

what-we-doHow do we do this?

Working with the British Association of Immediate Care, Scotland (BASICS), we equip specially trained medical professionals with life-saving medical equipment in what are known as ‘Sandpiper Bags’.

There are currently 1000 Sandpiper Bags in the safe hands of volunteer GP’s, paramedics and nurses throughout Scotland, from the most rural practice in the Isles to the Borders and everywhere in-between.  These distinctive blue bags are recognised up and down the country, in fact on sight, Scottish Ambulance Paramedics have been known to state that the ‘cavalry’ has arrived.

How does it work?

When a high-priority 999 call comes through, ambulance co-ordinators locate voluntary Sandpiper BASICS emergency responders using Vehicle Locator Systems (VLS), and direct them to the place of need before an ambulance arrives. This means more patients can be treated within the critical ‘Golden Hour’, and greatly increases the chance of survival.

Our focus

Whilst we will continue to provide emergency equipment to rural doctors, we have identified an additional area where we believe we really can have a significant impact in saving lives in rural Scotland. The aim of our Wildcat cardiac arrest campaign is to save 50 lives every year in Grampian.

Facts & Figures

In the last year, our 172 Sandpiper BASICS responders have attended over 2500 emergency incidents.

We have donated over 1000 Sandpiper bags to GP’s, nurses and paramedics throughout Scotland.

You’ll find more facts and figures on our ‘What we fund‘ page.