Doctor with Sandpiper BagA BASICS Scotland responder is a rural registered health care professional such as a nurse, doctor or paramedic. They have all received additional pre-hospital emergency training from BASICS Scotland after which they can apply for additional equipment provided by The Sandpiper Trust. This equipment includes:

  • A Sandpiper Bag
  • A Defibrillator
  • A Vehicle Locating System (aVLS) or smart phone
  • Additional equipment including EZ-IO drills and needles, pulse oximeters, Combat Application Tourniquets, Nasal Pharyngeal Airways, SAM splints etc.

BASICS Scotland Responders are contacted by the Scottish Ambulance Service dispatch centres via their aVLS / smart phone to attend 999 calls where there is no local ambulance available to attend and are often first on scene.


What it costs

To equip each responder it costs:

Sandpiper Bag – £1000

VLS – £800

Defibrillator – £1000

Additional Equipment – £1200

That’s a total of £4000 that needs to be raised.