The Sandpiper Bag Mark 2


The Sandpiper Bag was devised by the BASICS Scotland medical team in order to create a standardised portable and effective immediate care medical kit for doctors and nurses in remote parts of Scotland. Since 2001 improvements have been made by the addition of paediatric equipment and the bag itself has been redesigned with  the assistance of Chris  Tiso and his team from Tiso’s Outdoor clothing retainers.

750 Sandpiper bags have now been distributed throughout Scotland to a wonderful team of doctors and nurses who have undergone a rigorous training programme through BASICS Scotland and are now willing to provide highly skilled immediate care on a voluntary basis especially in rural areas.


A comprehensive list of over 50 items are included in the Sandpiper Bag which has been specially designed for ease of use, portability and standardisation. The kit consists of the following items of equipment — Vitalograph aspirator—CPR face mask— multiflow oxygen regulator—bag valve mask— nasopharyngeal airways –laryngoscope handle and kit –Portex mini-trach kit and chest drainage kit — laryngeal mask airways— stiff neck collars— paramedic shears—flexible catheter mount—intraosseous needles—3 way sterile stop cock—Magills forceps— Guedel airways — laryngoscope blades—reflective jacket and green strobe beacon.

Application Forms

An application form for a Sandpiper Bag can be obtained from BASICS Scotland who manage all applications. A review of the application is considered by the Trust’s team of medical advisers to assess the qualifications of applicants and if conditions are met approval is granted by the Trustees at regular meetings. VLS applications are also managed by BASICS Scotland.


Locations of Sandpiper Bags