Sandpiper Training PodsWhat is a Sandpiper Training Pod?

A Sandpiper Training Pod contains selected medical training equipment which is distributed out to rural health care professionals all over Scotland. With these pods, candidates receive the chance to refresh & / or advance their knowledge and skills in pre-hospital trauma care including:

Scene Safety & Mechanisms of Injury

Spinal Management

Patient Assessment & Airway

Breathing & Circulation Management

The Sandpiper pods are funded by The Sandpiper Trust.


What is in a Sandpiper Training Pod?

Each Sandpiper training pod is made up of a variety of training equipment covering circulation, breathing and airway equipment as well as training manikins and packaging equipment.


What are they used for?

Teh Sandpiper Training Pods are used to educate and update rural health care professionals who are not able, due to work commitments, to travel to receive skills training. This type of education has been developing over the last few years and is now able to be delivered face-to-face over the internet to small groups of health care professionals from Orkney to the Scottish Borders.


What they cost

Each Sandpiper Training Pod with equipment costs:

Airway & Breathing Equipment – £350

Circulation Equipment – £650

Training Manikins – £2000

Total cost for each pod – £3000