Sandpiper Trust DefibWhen someone suffers a cardiac arrest, every second counts. That’s why your support counts.

At the Sandpiper Trust, we’ve launched a new campaign to save more lives.

With your help, we can make Sandpiper Wildcat happen.

We’re aiming to raise nearly £850,000 to create a network of volunteer trained Cardiac Responders across the north-east of Scotland.

Based at 50 locations around the region, they’ll be primed to deliver swift, on-the-spot medical care to people who have suffered cardiac arrest.

For every minute without the right emergency treatment, the survival chances of a cardiac arrest patient fall by 10 per cent.

That’s why the Sandpiper Wildcat project is so important.

By providing treatment in those crucial early minutes, ahead of the arrival of the ambulance service, our community-based Cardiac Responders will make survival more likely.

They’ll be ready to make a difference.  A life-saving difference.

For more information on Sandpiper Wildcat please contact Imogen on 07793 238460 or

Support Sandpiper Wildcat and visit our appeal page on to make a donation.
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