Team Sandpiper Cycling Jersey

Our jerseys are worn by our hard pedaling fundraisers, but can be purchased here, whatever the use. Our jersey features high performance 140 gram multi dry technical fabric, making this the perfect piece of apparel for any level of cyclist. Each jersey is manufactured using advanced fit technology to provide the most comfortable riding experience.

Face Protector

Multi-functional Face Protector / Seamless Bandana

Made from Nano Weave, an advanced textile with an ultra-tight weave, which provides greater protection against airborne particles than more conventional textiles. In addition, our product features an SPF50 sun factor rating and can be washed frequently at 30c.

The Sandpiper Cookbook

Compiled by Claire Maitland for The Sandpiper Trust. Including recipes from a broad range of people including Gordon Ramsay, The Sandpiper Cookbook has delicious cocktails (including Tiger Woods exclusive wedding cocktail) and, more importantly, emergency medical tips which are essential for all of us.

“All proceeds raised from the sale of this cookbook will help continue the work and the success of The Sandpiper Trust.”

Gavin Hastings OBE (Patron)

The Swallow, The Owl and The Sandpiper

Compiled by Claire Maitland for The Sandpiper Trust. A collection of thought provoking prose and poetry, to help provide comfort, strength and support during difficult times.