The aim of the Sandpiper Trust

Doctor with Sandpiper BagThe aim of the Sandpiper Trust is to help save lives in Scotland by improving immediate care especially in the remote and rural areas, through the provision of appropriate standardised and uniform medical equipment, known as Sandpiper Bags, for use by specially trained GPs, community nurses, paramedics and A&E Consultants, all of whom operate on a voluntary basis.

Acting as a catalyst for change, the Trust has brought together many of those working in the field of Immediate Care. In conjunction with BASICS (The British Association of Immediate Care, Scotland) the Trust’s medical advisers, the contents of the Sandpiper Bag have been compiled, based on the latest medical advances. The Sandpiper Bag has received international acclaim, while BASICS have designed and introduced a training programme that lifts standards in immediate care to a new level of excellence.

The administering of rapid and appropriate medical intervention to a patient during the critical “Golden Hour” not only contributes to an increase in positive patient outcomes but also raises community confidence and resilience especially in remote parts of Scotland.

Such has been the success of this initiative that it has been endorsed by the Scottish Ambulance Service and incorporated in their 999 Emergency Response network, thereby helping reduce response times. In simple words – more lives are now being saved.

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The Trust Achievements

Since May 2010 we have funded the following:

132 fully equipped Sandpiper Bags @£1000 each

30 defibrillators @ £1200 each

135 pulse oximeters @ £275 each

30 Vehicle tracking systems(VLS) @ £1000 each

100 Special emergency kits for BASICs/ Sandpiper responders and GP/ Nurse Islands@ £500 each

6 large Sandpiper pods at a cost of £6000 each containing emergency training equipment for remote and rural practitioners to use in the pursuit of refreshing their immediate care skills via tele-education.

A substantial contribution of funds for the new  Emergency Care Centre in Aberdeen .

Provided part funding towards the post of Sandpiper Fellow for BASICS for 2 years.  The Sandpiper Fellow was responsible for setting up the tele-education courses and for the delivery of acute medical courses for nurses and paramedics in rural areas especially on the Islands as well as for lay people.

Sandpiper is also supporting 5 BASICS Responders to act as area representatives to work closely with voluntary responders and emergency dispatch centres in their areas to provide support where necessary which has hugely improved communication and feedback.

We have 80 BASICS/Sandpiper responders,( 30 more since 2010 )who make themselves available on a voluntary basis, often 24/7, to the Scottish Ambulance Service and who have responded to at least 3000 emergency incidents over the past 3 years.

The restocking of bags  for specialist equipment is also undertaken by us.

  • A further 30 Sandpiper bags distributed throughout Scotland making the total number 853
  • 18 defibrillators funded by the trust.  These are distributed   to medical personnel who already carry Sandpiper bags and have volunteered to be a VLS holder or similar enabling  them to be contacted by the emergency services. We continue to support BASICS Responders with additional equipment. ( Sam Splints, Celox, Pulse Oximeters, EZIO Drills, additional needles )
  • We have a   62 VLS holders in remote and  rural areas, connecting BASICS Responders to the Emergency Services Call centres.
  • Our Sandpiper Fellow, Graeme Ramage reports on his work so far. See news page for more information.
  • Sponsor of Area Reps who will monitor and work closely with all BASICS Responders.
  • Aberdeen’s Emergency Care Centre opened its doors to patients at 6am on December 4th.  Refer to news Page to read about The Sandpiper Trusts  involvement in this wonderful project.
  • BASICS Responders have been called out by the emergency services approximately 800  times during the course of this year. Grampian & Highland using these voluntary medical personnel more frequently than other areas.
  • The Trustees attended the 10th Anniversary celebrations of BASICS Scotland.  We were humbled by the commitment and dedication  of these doctors, nurses and paramedics who continually give of their time to save lives.